Path To Glory (2018)

Sons of Sigmar, gather for attack!
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Path To Glory (2018)

Beitrag von RogueScout » Mo 27. Aug 2018, 00:15

Age of Sigmar
Path to Glory Campaign Rules
Version 1.0 (dated 26 Aug 2018)

1. Campaign Duration: The campaign will take place starting September 1, and running through November 30. The campaign will consist of 4 rounds, each lasting 3 weeks each.

Round 1 — 1 September to 21 September
Round 2 — 22 September to 12 October
Round 3 — 13 October to 2 November
Round 4 — 3 November to 23 November

2. Warband Creation: Use warband creation rules on pages 16 & 17 of the AoS: Path to Glory Supplement, or the relevant Battletome for your Army.

3. Glory Points: To determine glory points for each round, your GP’s for each game played during that round will be totaled and then decided by the number of games played. This is to even out if one or two players play 9 games a round versus players that my only play one or two games a round. Glory points WILL NOT be used to determine a victor. They will be used to determine different effects in the final battle Royal Match (to be announced at a later date)

4. Age of Sigmar 2: The following AoS2 rules are in effect for any and all games played:
Realm of Battle (pg 241, Core Rule Book);
Allegiance Abilities (pg 242, CRB & pg 102-137 General’s Handbook 2018);
Scenery Warscrolls (pg 90-96, GH 2018);
New Summoning Rules (pg 98 – 101 GH 2018).

THE FOLLOWING AoS2 RULES WILL NOT BE USED: Warscroll Battalions; Endless Spells

5. Battleplans: Only the Battleplans from the Path To Glory Supplement are to be used. The only restriction on these plans are for BATTLEPLAN : The Sacrifice; it may only be played after the second round. I am adding to the Victory Conditions and I will release these at a later date.

6. Battle Reports: After a game has been played, game information will be sent to the Organizer for tracking.

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Re: Path To Glory (2018)

Beitrag von Knorrfaust » So 2. Sep 2018, 20:37

We played 2 matches.

Me vs Ivo

I lost both.

After the first, 1 got 1 glory point and added a unit of 3 fiends of Slaanesh to my Army.

After the second, i got another glory point and i will add another unit of 5 seekers

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Re: Path To Glory (2018)

Beitrag von Ivo » So 2. Sep 2018, 20:49

I added 3 ivocators on dracoline and a lord Castellant. So my Army now consist of these 2 units + lord arcanum on gryph charger, 5 liberators, 5 hunters and 3 ivocators on foot.
I have 4 glory points now